Here's a list of all the teams dancing at DERT 2017.


Black Swan

A flash of red, blue and gold as Black Swan Rapper spin, cut inside and tumble, stretching every sinew and pushing themselves harder, higher and faster, as they strive to get to the bar. They shun the limelight, preferring to hone their skills purely for the pleasure of the dance and the feel of the swords in their hands. Black Swan claim to be the most traditional team in rapper dance due to ancestral connections to both the first Kingsmen and the Tyzack family. Look out for their trademark loose sashes and untucked shirts as they attempt some of the most challenging figures in sword dance using the rapper purists’ fixed handle swords. Please encourage them in the traditional manner, throw underwear at them, or even applaud the youthful exuberance that moves audiences to cry ‘You get your money’s worth with this lot.’

Newcastle Kingsmen

Like beer mats, you will find the Kingsmen in pubs, on tables, under pints, usually with bits torn off and if they are lucky with a phone number or two on. Once a year they are thrown around the room, they are talked about and a few of them are carried out. Like beer mats, they are of little or no use outside a pub.

Whip the Cat Rapper and Clog

Whip the Cat hail from Nottingham, although the roaming kitties have settled far and wide. When these waifs and strays are gathered in one place, you'd better keep back and cover your ears! They like nothing better than a night on the tiles, yowling a collection of songs and performing acrobatic feats in hostelries, before dozing through the following day in front of a warm fire, watching cat-themed cartoons.

Star and Shadow

DERT 2017 will be showing off the two times world champion rapper dancing sensation that is Star and Shadow Rapper! They will be coming to dazzle you with their precision and grace, whilst also entertaining you with their rapid whit! 10 years in the making and performing for your entertainment!

Red Mum

Fellow rapper-freaks and geeks, your one and only favourite team - We are RED, we are MUMS (at least one of us anyway) and we are RAPPER!!! We are excited to dance, play, sing and shout for you all and we hope to finally this year bring enough flags for your pleasure. Lots of love and honorary gates to all of you!

Sallyport Sword Dancers

Formed in 1969 and still going strong, Sallyport are deeply committed. What to, nobody knows although many people say they ought to be. However, traditional rapper dances, plus good pubs with good beer and good floors do figure somewhere. They also like DERT and are one of the few teams to have never missed one yet.


"Some are from the North, some are from the South, and they’ve definitely all been to Aberdeen. The ladies of Gaorsach Rapper can often be seen roaming freely through various cities and hamlets across the British Isles. Look out for red kilts and the average amount of GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!”

Sheffield Steel

Sheffield's finest daughters present a taste of northern grit. Dynamic dancing, powerful music and steely determination drive them forward (not to mention gin). Inspired by the Steel City's industrial heritage, and with Henderson's Relish running through their veins, they show off Sheffield in every move they make. A new dawn, a new dance; pure joy in a flurry of orange and black.




Spawned from the coal mines of South Middlesex in 1994, Thrales Rapper have spread culture and enlightenment across the congestion charge zone ever since. Featuring five trouser-wearing heroes bold, London’s most famous vegan kilt wearer and Nurse Betty, rapper’s only award winning health care operative; they dance to the sound of gunfire. They will dance for food.


Forged in the Hive of Industry and still buzzing from DERT 2016, Manchester's favourite sons and daughter, Medlock Rapper are stretching the tight white shirt of destiny across the contorted manboob of anticipation. Waxing the elongated moustache of time onwards towards its inevitable conclusion; Medlock Rapper are venturing out of the big city to bring a little grit and culture to the unwashed masses of the Cumbrian hills (the sheep).

Tower Ravens

Deep in the heart of our nation's capital city, ten maidens fair have been astounding the pubs of London with their feats of acrobatic prowess (and drinking) since their escape from the Tower in 2012. The Ravens have been up to much mischief since their foray up to Manchester, including winning the widely acclaimed Sushi Trophy at Thrales Day for their "Peckham fisherwoman's dance". Led by a wayward Beefeater who decided to take up the bugle despite having received no formal training, the Ravens will be flying North to visit some of their wild counterparts in the Lake District for a relaxing weekend of dancing and drinking in Kendal. Mint cake anyone?


Breaking News. Northgate Rapper smash the M4 and M6 motorways to bring you a crystal clear demonstration of the Southern art of rapper dancing. We’ll be shining a light on the arcane twists and turns of the old miner’s dance from the North, and we’ll provide you with light bulb moments: ‘these boys know what they’re doing’. Northgate Rapper – dancing on the tables and on the floors, brightly cracking the rapper ceiling, but definitely not any light fittings along the way.

Mabel Gubbins

Mabel have made a number of new year resolutions for 2017: they've stopped eating cake, ceased drinking gin, and vowed to iron their shirts carefully on all occasions. As part of a Cotswold outreach programme in their native Oxfordshire they no longer visit pubs, but dance in gravelled car parks to make Morris teams feel better. They have also taken up lying outrageously.

Stone Monkey Silverbacks

Sword dancers from the East Midlands wearing distinctive black & white socks. The Silverbacks are the more "seasoned" members of Stone Monkey Sword Dancers.




Simply put, the finest sword-dancing scientists in the land. Hailing from the University of Warwick in Coventry, we bring a dedicated group of students, who have spent every waking hour skipping lectures, and missing deadlines to hone their rapper-related skills.


Locksided Rapper is a mixed team based in Bristol. Formed in August 2014, we are the new kids on the block, bringing enthusiasm and energy to this great tradition.

Birmingham Rapper

From the City of a thousand trades, and the ancient tribe of Beorma, Birmingham Rapper does what it says on the tin - dances rapper sword in and around Birmingham, and sometimes further afield!


Oakenyouth are the junior rapper side from Oakenhoof Folk Arts in Littleborough, Lancashire. Although they are a relatively new side, they have developed their own dance from various figures previously learned. They are also always keen and enthusiastic to dance at the drop of a hat.


Not Competing

Mons Meg

The Mons Meg bombard is a sodding great cannon in Edinburgh which was used to interfere with the affairs of the English between 1454 and 1541. Equally violent (and even more interfering), Mons Meg rapper can also be expected to blow away an audience. Their majestic sweeps, swooshes and beer-swilling skills are guaranteed to swashbuckle all beholders. So grab a beer and dial “999”, Mons Meg are coming to DERT!


Derty Competition teams


Hellbilly Rapper Juniors SILVER

We are Lily, Emmie, Lauren, Hollie and Macey from Horizon Community College. We are new to the Hellbilly team. We started dancing rapper in October and have one lesson a week. We didn’t know each other before but we have grown to become firm friends. We call ourselves the tiny tots because we are all very short! We love to create the star in our routine.

Hellbilly Rapper Juniors WHITE

We are Chloe, Emmie, Hollie, Lily and Macey from Horizon Community College. We love to train for rapper and eat Jelly tots! We have only been dancing together for a couple of months but enjoy practising our stepping and creating the star in our routine.

Hellybilly Rapper Juniors GOLD

We are Amelia, Libby, Kitty, Freya and Rebecca from Horizon Community College. We are new to rapper and have only been dancing this style once a week since October. Our favourite figures are the star and the crown. We love unicorns and all have weird talents-ask us to show you!

Hellybilly Rapper Juniors GREEN 

We are Freya, Amelia, Kitty, Isobel and Kirsten from Horizon Community College. We started doing rapper dance this year and have really enjoyed it so far! Our favourite thing to do is our Coach and Horses and we love listening to music and watching dance.

Hellbilly Rapper Youth WHITE 

We are Abbie, Lucy, Keira, Ellie and Georgia from Horizon Community College. We have been a rapper team for two years now and thoroughly enjoy it! Last year, we came first in our age division at the D.E.R.T competition in Manchester!  We are firm friends now and include moves such as Mary Anne and flips which we have learnt to master in a short amount of time. Despite our age we are strong contenders in the competition.

Hellbilly Rapper Youth GREEN 

We are Imogen, Lauryn, Chloe, Darcy and Adrianna from Horizon Community College. We have been a rapper team for 5 years now we still enjoy. We have been national champions 2 times at the D.E.R.T competition. We have been friends for a long time and this has brought us even closer, and we can’t wait to try and win our title back.

Hellbilly Rapper Youth GOLD

We are Lauryn, Imogen, David, Wil and Chloe from Horizon Community College. We have been a rapper team for 2 years and we are a dysfunctional family but we love every second of it. We have performed in the Swanage Folk Festival and also the D.E.R.T competition last year and we can’t wait to compete this year.

NYFTE Youth 

NYFTE (pronounced nifty) is the National Youth Folklore Troupe of England comprising about 25 young people aged 10 to 18. The team performs a complete range of English traditional music, song and dance. With a retirement age of 19 years minus 1 day, our teams at DERT change significantly from year to year. With the added pressure on exams we’ve not been able to compete in the Main Competition this year but are returning to DERTy with some new dancers, a new Character and new musicians!