Competition Categories

Main competition
The Main DERT competition is based in five pubs around Kendal, each with a minimum of two judges per venue. Each participating team must perform a dance in each pub and will be marked on their performance to the criteria held by the judges. Marks will be collected throughout the day and the final results announced after the Showcase in the evening.

Teams will be split into the following divisions, based on their performance at previous DERTs:

  • Premier Class
  • Championship Class
  • Open Class

Spotlight competition
The best dance on this one particular spot will be awarded the trophy, regardless of team league standing. Those teams that do not want to enter the Main competition in the ‘pub format’ will still, therefore, be able to compete at DERT.

Traditional competition
This competition is an opportunity for teams to historically re-enact dances from identified and notated villages in the North East of England which had unique rapper styles. Traditional competition entrants will be marked on how they have recreated dances from these notes or other sources, as well as the quality of their performance. At DERT 2016, competing teams were asked for the first time to submit information in advance about the nature of their historical re-enactment. For DERT 2017 we're basically going to follow the same format, although for 2017 the notation alignment marks will only be given for the dancing, not for accoutrements like costume and the tommy. Have a look at the marking criteria and rules for more information (follow the competition documents link at the bottom of the page).  

DERTy competition
This is our youth competition. Following on from the success of the 2015 & 2016 DERTy competition, we are aiming to grow this competition and continue the development of younger rapper dancers. There will be two categories: youth (13-17 years of age) and juniors (under 12 years of age).

Veteran competition
Each team must have a combined minimum age of 250 years and be competing in the Main competition.

SDU competition
Each team must have a main form of dance that isn't rapper (e.g. Morris or Clog sides) and be competing in the Main competition.


Have a look at all of the competition documents here!